What Is Cyberbullying Prevention?

Bullying is a major issue that has been on the rise in many academic institutes. The fact that it’s not limited to schools or colleges is extremely worrisome. With the dawn of social media, people have been going public with their personal details, which is no less than an open invitation for the bullies to take their antics to a whole new level. The resultant cyberbullying can be mentally and emotionally impactful on the health of the victim. Because of which victims suffer from low self-esteem, be suicidal, frustrated or depressed. Posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks or any sort of hate speech towards gender, religion and ethnicity, these behaviors can be remarked as cyberbullying. An online assignment help in UK would like to point out these eye-opening statistics that may shock you:

  • 45% of children admit that they have experienced cyberbullying
  • 70% have admitted that they were witnesses of cyberbullying
  • 92% of cyberbullying attacks are carried out using social media
  • Victims of cyberbullying are 3 to 9 times prone to being suicidal
  • Only 2 out of 10 victims will inform their parents or teachers about being a victim of cyberbullying

How does cyberbullying take place?

Before you head on to tackling the issues, you need to know the root causes and how cyberbullying takes place. With social media, there are multiple ways through which your child may feel unsafe and threatened. One of the ways is through email. Your child may be exposed to malicious email or get catfished. The Pew Research Center reported that 64% of teens use emails to communicate. If they open a spam email, they may be exposed to something unpleasant and can become a part of a toxic email chain.
Instant messaging from an anonymous sender cannot be traced, which is why bullies may opt for this method to taunt your kid. Even though they might have done nothing to provoke the harasser but if they chose your kid as their target, they may resort to blackmailing and even ask them to do favors in exchange for their private information not being leaked.
Another way that cyberbullying occurs is through texting. Given most school and college-going kids keep their phones on them at all times, they can very likely receive messages or calls from unknown numbers. They may emotionally torture your kid, hoping to instill fear in them. With encryption methods and blocked caller IDs, bullies can get away with disguising themselves, which proves how dangerous they can be.
One of the biggest platforms for cyberbullying are social media sites. From the fear of embarrassing oneself in front of peers and their loved ones, kids may often do things out of character just to save face. Bullies can post your kid’s personal pictures, send them threats, and create a group to harass the kid along with other bullies.

Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

1.Educate yourself

First of all, in order to keep your child away and safe from something as awful as cyberbullying, you need to study up and pay attention to what it actually is. You need to understand how it happens, how to detect the abnormalities in your child’s behavior and how to make sure it never happens with them in the first place, which can be a hard thing to do when you can’t be there with them all the time. But if you know how it happens and what are the telltale signs you can be there for your child when they need you. Furthermore, you can even educate others around you because ignorance is not bliss in this case. It’s a sensitive topic that needs to be handled accordingly.

2.Communicate with your child

You need to take your child into confidence and let them know what cyberbullying is. Your kid should know that if they’re ever bullied, it’s not their fault. They didn’t do anything that could’ve provoked the bully into bothering them. Also, make sure that if your child ever goes through something like this, they know that the first step is to report it or confide a trustworthy adult about it. Tell them about the ways it happens and how they should react or respond. Give them examples and teach them ways they can counter it or keep themselves safe.

3.Maintain an eye fixed to your baby’s social media

Since you can’t be there for your kid at all times, the best way is to keep a surveillance on them. That doesn’t mean you should invade their personal space but rather look into their social media activities from time to time if they exhibit suspicious behavior. If they do something out of character or if they’re aggressive with you, talk it out with them first. If not, then you may look into their social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Monitor their activities and if you find something substantial, confront them in a manner that doesn’t set them off.

4.Privacy and protection

Teach your child to enable privacy and protection of the highest degree throughout their social media handles. Keep passwords that are not tidbits of personal information or any other words or phrases that are in the public know-how. If they’re posting their pictures, then make sure the pictures are not something that the bullies can use against you. Tell them to avoid adding people they don’t know and to restrict their privacy to friends only. Double authenticate all your profiles so that no unauthorized person can access them. Avoid replying to suspicious emails or messages that can possibly land you in trouble.

5.Use the celebrity card

We don’t suppose there might be a need for it, but it’s best to be safe. Kids these days are often influenced by celebrities and their behaviors. They look up to the influencers and often get hung up on their words. So, it’d be a good way to teach them about cyberbullying by sharing the views and thoughts of their favorite celebrities with them. Thus, based on their ideologies, your child might pay more attention as compared to listening to you. Let them know it’s a behavior that’s discouraged and severely looked down upon.

6.Engaging parents and youth

Talking to your kid might not be enough. Establish an inner circle of parents that promote safety in schools and vow to protect their children against all sorts of bullies. A community of parents that confide in each other will help in shouldering the issues and resolving them in a smooth manner. Discuss the laws that are in place and how schools should establish and update their rules and regulations to deal with cyberbullies. Not only that, the youth needs to be educated that if anyone’s guilty of cyberbullying, they’ll be severely punished, which may also involve expulsion.
Cyberbullying is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with in a manner that puts an end to it. The focus should be on curtailing cyberbullying by spotting bullying behavior and straightening out such students who exhibit bullying behavior. Any law essay help would condemn cyberbullying as it can be the root cause of giving birth to potential criminals.

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