How much does a move cost?

How to set a Cost for your move?

Are you moving soon and want to estimate the cost of the operation in advance? This is very relevant on your part: you will be able to anticipate expenses and start putting money aside, or even seek financing. The method used differs depending on whether you are moving alone or with a professional. best movers and packers in dubai To choose between the two solutions, however, you must be careful not to forget anything in the process. So, how do you go about assessing the price of the move as accurately as possible? What are the criteria to take into account in order to define a precise and complete budget for the move? Here are our tips for successfully estimating the cost of your future move.

You call on a moving professional

Using a moving company is by far the easiest solution to have an accurate estimate of the costs associated with your move. All you have to do is request a quote from the service provider (s) of your choice. We are talking here specifically of the costs associated with the loading, transport, and delivery of furniture and boxes.

For a rough estimate of the costs practiced by the Gentlemen du Déménagement, you can use our simplified online simulator. It is a calculator that allows you to obtain an estimated simply specifying:

the area of ​​your home

the type of dwelling concerned (house or apartment)
and the distance between the old and the new housing.
You then obtain an approximate which will be refined during a prior visit if you leave us your contact details. Indeed, an appointment on site is essential to have a precise estimate for your move.

Unlike the Movers, some movers offer a quote based on an estimate made online directly by the customer. In this case, beware of unpleasant surprises: additional costs may be billed to you a posteriori following a bad initial estimate.
To have a precise assessment of the costs on which the mover commits, you must absolutely be able to take stock with the professional during a technical visit to the home.

Also, consider all the costs associated with the move

moving professional indeed, a move causes many additional costs often ignored by people who move. These costs must nevertheless be taken into account if you want to accurately estimate the overall of the move.

The commission of the real estate agency if you rent an accommodation

In the event of a rental, it is sometimes necessary to use the services of a real estate agency to find a property that suits you. Especially if you are not there to do the research. In this case, the amount of the deposit is to be included in the of the move.

The deposit for the new accommodation

When you take the rental, you must advance several months of rent corresponding to the first month of occupancy and the deposit. The latter will only be collected when leaving the accommodation.

Any renovation (papers, paintings, etc.)

The work in a dwelling is normally the responsibility of the owner. However, if you want the decoration to be to your liking, you may need to take care of the beautification work. If you are buying your future home, these are works that must be taken into account in your budget.

The possible purchase of new furniture

When moving into a new home, it is sometimes difficult to replace old furniture that is too large or of inappropriate style. In addition, you may want to take advantage of the move to change furniture. To save money, do not hesitate in this case to sell your furniture before moving.

ancillary costs

A move is very often accompanied by costs related to the opening of energy meters, the transfer of mail … These are also costs to be included in your budget.

As you can see, estimating the price of a move is more complex than it first appears. Between the costs related to the rental or acquisition of housing, international moving companies in Dubai costs of the move itself (packaging, support, transport .), and ancillary costs, the list of expenses can belong. To give you better visibility on the  of operations related to the transfer of your personal effects, we invite you to request a quote for your move from several professionals. This will give you a fairly general idea of ​​the costs to be expected. You are then free to compare offers for the rental of a truck, provided you add all the costs incurred such as parking or labor.

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