A Definitive Guide on How to Hire the Right Animation Studio in Singapore

All the great ideas Animation Studio start in brains and are then translated to the best medium for display and appreciation. This digital age is at its zenith when it comes to idea conception and creation. One of the best ways to do that is through animations. As the name indicates, it is about employing methods to make figures appear as moving images. It is used in model creation for research and study. It will be a strong understatement to say that the application and scope of animation are limited in any way.

Singapore is a commerce hub with headquarters of companies with a diverse portfolio. So, it is only natural that you are in need of a world-class animation studio in Singapore to materialize your virtual ideas.

Here is what to look for in your prospective animation studio in Singapore before signing the contract.

Types of Animation Studios

Commonly, there are two types of animation studios that come in handy for two different kinds of scenarios. These are;

  • Vendors
  • Partners


In the case of a creative agency looking for a muscle to do the heavy lifting in animation, that agency is looking for a vendor. The agency itself will do the preliminary work, including the development of strategy, style, story, etc., and then the vendor will do the animation only.


Contrary to vendors, partners work closely with client agencies to do all the work, from strategy development to its execution. It is a much complex long-term endeavor and highly recommended if you do not have any animation setup in-house.

Now, let’s move on to the things you must check while looking for an animation studio in Singapore.


Animation is a world in itself and everything is different in this media when compared to other storytelling forms. The masters of the live-action genre would be struggling in this field because of the change of the rules of the game. That is why specialization is a must in your prospective animation agency.

A specialized agency will ensure that everything is in its right place, from script and story to the transition of scenes and frame cuts.

Creative Team

Animation studios rely heavily on freelancers to handle the bulk of their work, especially technical stuff. But, what you should focus on is the qualifications and merits of the core team that is maybe your first point of contact with the agency.

Before taking things formal, interview the creative team of the studio and ensure that they are up to speed with your project.

Creative Management

Art is subjective and so is animation. While having a capable creative team on board is a big plus, having a producer is even better. It is because that individual will oversee the day-to-day work and ensure that the delivery will be on time, not to mention the compliance with industry standards overall quality of the project.

The same goes for voice-over management. The incorporation of story and dialogues in that environment is a tough nut to crack. A strong creative manager will ensure that the intended message is heard loud and clear by the audience.

Those who are new to the media do not realize the importance of sound design, but it makes a difference between night and day in the finished product. It is true that finding a dedicated sound department in the majority of animation studios is hard, but all it takes is a handful of “sound guys” to make your product from good to great.


As a creative agency, it is rare to have a carte blanche on the budget. Still, if you do, there is no need to be worried about pricing. But if you don’t, this is a tricky path you just stepped on.

Animation studios are highly competitive in pricing. That said, you still need to research a little bit to land on the sweetest deal. It is not hard these days. Just track down a handful of the best studios and send them an email asking for a quote.

Animation is the real deal, evidenced by the growing trend in its adoptions and usage in a diverse range of works. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will have enough information about an animation studio in Singapore to find the best one for your project.

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