Oude Haven – Everything You Need To Know

Known for the most amazing and impressive backdrop of historic ships, the Oude Haven is one of the most popular places for locals to meet, dance, drink, and eat. This is the part of the Maritime District, and during the summer days, the restaurants and bars are full until late at night. In fact, there is Het Witte Huis, which is a well-known café that’s known to remain open for dining and drinks till late at night. Even more, there are other places, including Popocatepetl, Mooii, and Stockholm.

It’s an important part of the Maritime District, and you can visit it by metro, water taxi, or train. So, if you would like more details about Oude Haven, we have the tiniest details outlined for you!

The Brief

Oude Haven is basically the Old Harbor of Rotterdam and is known as the first port of the city, which has been around since 1350. Today, this harbor is an important and famous entertainment center in Rotterdam – now, it has a unique combination of new and old structures that blend perfectly with each other. There is a collection of restaurants and terraces available, so you can have some me-time or leisure time away from the bustling city.

It’s home to some of the oldest sailing ships, which swim back to the heyday as it serves as a trading port. Just beside the harbor, there is The White House, which is commonly known as Het Witte Huis – it’s the first official skyscraper in Europe that stands at 45m in height. The White House was built back in 1898 and was not only the highest but the first skyscraper in Europe. This is a ten-storey building designed by Willem Molenbroek, the Dutch architect.

The White House stands on the 1000 piles that ensure that the building doesn’t sink into the soft soil. On top of everything, this was one of the few buildings in Rotterdam to survive the bombing of 1940. For the longest time, Oude Haven used to be the Plan C business complex, which was designed and built in 1880. The complex was designed with homes, offices, and shops around the central façade without wetting the shoppers during the rains.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this complex was the first shopping mall of the city, but the major part of Plan C was destroyed during the bombing. As far as the current harbor is concerned, the underpasses and railing remains.

The Surroundings

When it comes down to the surroundings of Oude Haven, there are modern apartments and restaurants. In fact, there are some of the most popular cube houses in this area, which were built back in 1984. These houses were designed by Piet Blom and look like gigantic yellow blocks tilted on the sides and raised by the poles. The cube house complex is known as Blaakse Forest. One of these cube houses is available for the public to visit.

In case you are a tourist in Rotterdam, you can stay at the Stayokay Hostel and enjoy some amazing food and drinks from the harbor’s terrace eateries. The surrounding area of the harbor has been transformed into an amazing center for nightlife and dining. In particular, there are 13 cafes and restaurants, and you also have access to the CitizenM Hotel to stay the night.

You can visit Oude Haven through the Metro station; the Blaak Station, to be precise. In addition, you can visit the harbor for free but remember that restaurant terraces can become crowded, but the weather is pretty amazing. As far as the nearby attractions are concerned, it’s around Markthal, the Church of St. Lawrence, and Cube Houses.

The Bottom Line

Oude Haven is a great place for people who would like to see railings left behind of the complex and enjoy some amazing food and drinks from the terrace restaurants. In addition, since it’s easier to access and has restaurants around, you should definitely add it to your itinerary, especially if you want to enjoy the nightlife!

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