Nurse Says That Amber Heard Would Follow Johnny Depp From Room To Room

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We are waiting for Johnny Depp to testify today. Here are some strange details about the ongoing trial between him, Amber Heard, and his ex-wife.

In case you haven’t noticed, Amber Heard is being sued by The Pirates of the Caribbean star in a $50 million defamation suit. Depp’s team claims her Washington Post op-ed insinuated that she was a victim to domestic abuse.

Here’s what Depp’s former nurse had a to say.

Debbie Lloyd deposed on March 8, revealing that Amber Heard was abusive to her husband.

According to the former caretaker, Depp would attempt to get out of a triggering situation.

He was moving from one room to another trying to escape from a situation. She would follow him from one room to the next and not give him her space.”

Lloyd recalls a specific incident that occurred on a plane. Debbie explained that it was yet another example of Amber not respecting Depp’s space.

“She refused to leave the table, and he was saying, “Please, just go away.”

Debbie Lloyd and Dr. Kipper, Depp’s former doctor, said that Depp was suffering from addiction and mental illness. According to the meeting notes, he was motivated to change and “able to recognize some negative effects of current medication use and looks forward to a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. Kipper stated that he had never seen Depp abuse Heard or seen any evidence of abuse. According to Sierra Gillespie reporter, he also stated that he had never seen Depp abuse Heard.

The report also includes:

“Dr. Kipper also stated that he did not see any injuries on Heard consistent in domestic abuse and was never told by Heard about Depp’s abusive behavior toward her.”

Depp was accompanied by the doctor when he went to Australia’s emergency room after getting his finger cut.

He stated that Amber Heard had no visible injuries, including swelling, cuts, or bruises. Any injuries, the doctor stated, would have been documented.

Dr. Kipper couldn’t recall if Depp ever told Depp that Amber had abused him.

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