New India Visa Requirements For Tourists and Business Travelers

India visa conditions, like3 visas from utmost countries, change from time to time. Recent changes by the Indian government affect both sightseer and business visas. This composition will compactly describe the new conditions so that you can more prepare for your coming trip to India.

New India Tourist Visa Conditions


The first change to note is that the 1- time sightseer visa is no longer available. Aspirants have to choose between a 5- time multiple- entry visa and a 10- time multiple- entry visa. In addition, the gap between visits must be at least 2 months. Trippers who want to re-up India in lower time must seek special authorization to do so.

When apply for a sightseer Indian Visa Application, you must state the purpose of your trip veritably easily. This visa is issued to trippers who plan to visit India for recreation, sightseeing and visiting family or friends. However, you cannot share in business conditioning, look for employment or pursue exploration or academic studies, if you enter India on a sightseer visa. Your current passport should have two blank visa runners in it; rather these runners will be back to back.


New India Business Visas Conditions


As with the sightseer visa, one of the Indian Business Visa has been discontinued. Still, it isn’t the 1- time but the 10- time business visa that’s no longer available. Business trippers can only choose between a 1- time multiple- entry visa and a 5- time multiple- entry visa.

Fresh conditions for the 5- time visa make it more delicate to gain. Not only do aspirants have to inform the Indian consulate of their forthcoming trip date, they also have to list unborn trip dates and planned business conditioning to justify the request for the 5- time visa. These dates must be listed on both the Business Cover Letter and the Letter of Assignation.

The Indian Consulate is getting stricter in their conditions and making it more delicate for operations to gain an India business visa. An important change that business trippers need to be apprehensive of is that both the Business Cover Letter and the Letter of Assignation for a 5- time visa must list unborn trip dates and describe the conditioning in which you plan to share. Because these changes are recent, it’s still not clear how exact you have to be when listing your unborn trip plans.

Why it Good?


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