Is this a great time to go buy gold bars?

It is never a bad time to buy gold bars as gold is a long-term investment vehicle and has historically proven to give great returns to its owners. In the current market scenario especially, when the world is reeling under the pressures of recovering from a pandemic and businesses had practically come to a standstill, gold investment make sense to recover from the upheavals of the share market and currency markets. Traditionally, people have preferred investing in gold jewellery over gold bullion, but the serious investor will tell you it is wiser to invest in gold bullion over jewellery. So, this year, instead of buying more gold trinkets, why not check where to buy gold bullion and buy gold bars or coins for yourself something.

Where to buy gold for investment?


If you are wondering where to buy gold bullion, you can get it at a jewellery store by physically visiting the store or online and have it delivered to your house. The important thing is to ensure that you buy gold bars from a reputed, world-renowned mint. The popular mint in the USA is the United States Mint from where comes the popular American Gold Eagle. However, there are other international mints such as Asahi, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, Perth Mint, and Bank of England that release gold coins and gold bars. The bullion released by these mints follow international measures and are trusted internationally for their purity and quality. All their designs and weights are recognized around the world so even when you are ready to sell your gold bars, you will earn the same commodity market rate for precious metal for that day wherever you choose to sell it. So, the price of gold will hold internationally, and you get the same universal spot rate anywhere in the world. This means that your investment portfolio will always be in the green where your gold investments are concerned. You needn’t worry about currency devaluation or economic downtrends.

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Some place from where to buy gold for investment purpose


You can buy gold from jewellery stores as most of them stock gold coins and gold bars. Their rates may include service charges. There are bullion traders who sell gold coins and bars at live gold rate with mark-up charges. Banks also sell gold bullion although they do not buy them back unlike bullion traders and jewellery stores. You can search where to buy gold online and purchase it from reputed dealers after browsing their portfolio for discrete handling of the trade. The question is not so much where to buy gold as it is what type of gold to buy. The buy gold bars in smaller weights of 100 grams or 10 grams, it will not be very different from buying gold coins of the same weight or measure. Heavier sizes of gold are not as easy to liquidate as the lighter ones, so you will be able to sell your 1gram gold wafer faster than a 1kg gold bar.

What type of gold to buy?


Gold coins offer handsome returns during economic turmoil and can be purchased at smaller sizes too. With gold bars, the making charges and overhead costs are lower, but it is wiser to search for buy gold bars when you are buying them in larger sizes of 1kg or 2 kg bricks. Currently, there are many 10 gm and 100 gm gold wafers in market that are also trading at the same rates as gold coins and look just as appealing with protection in assay packaging. The 1 gram of gold price for coins and bars will come with making charges that may be higher for a small size. With heavier bars, thanks to economies of scale and low making charges, the overhead costs are lower.


You can invest in 5gm, 10gm, 1oz, 100 oz, 1kg and 5kg gold bars. The important thing is to buy the quantity that will hedge your investment and be within your long-term investment range. So, when you are considering where to buy gold, you must go with the mental mark-up of the investment you wish to make and to buy some gold and protect your wealth over the long run.

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