How To Shop Around For Bedding

How To Shop Around For Bedding

Since you spend about eight hours a day in bed, why not make your bed as welcoming as possible? The surefire way to do it is to invest in high-quality bedding that feels awesome against the skin and lasts for a very long time. Here are a few things you could use while shopping around for the perfect linens. If you can’t find time to read through all of these, just check out our Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab to see our top recommendations.

1.Start By Reading The Fiber Content

If you want something affordable yet soft, 100% cotton is the way to go. Even better, aim for higher quality, premium cotton types such as Pima and Egyptian, as they are even softer and longer lasting. The only caveat of premium cotton fibers is the relatively high price tag. Besides, you have to trust the manufacturer’s word. Some mislabel their bedding as Egyptian cotton to deceive consumers. If you are on a budget, consider choosing a cotton-polyester blend. Even though this type of fabric feels somehow synthetic, it is fairly inexpensive, durable and less prone to wrinkling after washing and drying.

2.A Higher Thread Count Isn’t Necessarily Better

Modern manufacturing techniques allow for very high thread counts without actually increasing the quality of the fabric. Our test have revealed that a thread count between 300 and 500 us the best for softness and strength. Bedding featuring a thread count around 200 isn’t as soft, while anything over 500 isn’t necessarily better according to this piece on LinkedIn.

3.Understand The Difference Between Weaves

The two main options available today are percale and sateen. Percale is a basic weave that feels crisp and lightweight. Sateen, on the contrary, has a silky and smooth feel to it. We can’t say that one is better than the other, as this is rather a matter of personal preference. Nonetheless, most consumers seem to prefer sateen.

4.Beware Of The Depth Of Your Mattress

Standard bed sizes don’t take into account the depth of the mattress. If you use a topper, it comes without saying that the total height will be bigger. This is why you have to measure your mattress before you make your purchase. Take advantage of the best Black Friday mattress deals and invest in a new mattress. Furthermore, you should account for some shrinkage. Our test have shown that fitted sheets suitable for up to 15-inch mattress heights would do in most situations.

5.Make Sure There’s A Return Policy

Always ensure you can return your bedding and ask for a refund, should you decide you don’t feel as comfortable as expected. Some brands offer their customers a ‘no questions asked’ return policy.

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