Funny and Novelty Valentine’s Gift Ideas – Add Some Fun To Your Valentine’s Day

When we think of valentine’s gifts we tend to think of romantic dinners, flowers, chocolates and gifts of love and so forth. If you have showered your partner with these gifts every year, why not be different this year and give him or her something unexpected and funny which is sure to make them laugh and remember for many years to come. The gifts I would like to recommend are inexpensive and can be enjoyed by both men and funny underwear for women.

Valentine’s Day Love-O-Meter

This is a fun little gadget that both you and your partner can have fun playing together. Press your fingers on the buttons and the Love-o-meter will dig into the depths of your heart and reveal your feelings. Of course this is no fortune teller, but it is an entertaining gizmo.

Body Pens                                                    

If you are planning on a romantic dinner, why not have some ‘desert’ with body pens afterwards. The pens come in chocolate and strawberry flavors and are a sensual way to indulge your sweet tooth! Express your love by creating fun messages that are for your partner’s eyes only.

T-Equalizer Shirts

If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some music and dancing, the T-equalizer shirts are a great way to get noticed. Available in both male and female styles, these electro-luminescent design T-shirts have an EQ panel connected to a battery pack and is sound activated.

Candy Bra and Candy G-String

Who would have thought that those delicious necklace sweets that we all used to love as kids would come back to haunt us in the most irresistible way! Your boyfriend or husband will enjoy eating away these childhood favorite candy sweets. The irresistible, edible, candy underwear is the perfect way to end a romantic candlelight dinner.

Personal Newspaper Headlines and Personalized Book Cover

If you want to give something truly personal, this is the perfect gift. There’s simply nothing like a personalized gift that says, “This was made just for me.” Personal Newspaper Headlines provide exactly that – your own words, unique and personalized, printed by hand onto authentic newsprint on an antique printing press. Your personalized gift newspaper is printed on both sides, filled with fun articles and pictures everyone can enjoy. The idea is to make your personal headline funny. Alternatively, you can create a funny personalized book cover with one of the following 2 titles “Everything I Know About…….” Or “How I Became the World’s Greatest…….”
The book cover also includes blank pages which your partner can use as a note book or diary.

Digital Photo Frame and Digital Photo Keyring

These gifts per ser are not considered funny. However, you can make this fun and meaningful by downloading a collection of humorous photos before giving the gift to your partner. This is a great way to cheer your loved up when he or she is having a stressful or bad day at work. A browse through these pictures is enough to make anyone smile.

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