Costa Rica – The Sportfishing Mecca

No matter what your preference, swab water or freshwater, conventional or fly, offshore or swash Sportfishing in Costa Rica has a fishing destination for you. Costa Rica is framed by the Pacific on the West and the Caribbean on the East. There are too numerous gutters to count flowing in-between. However, there are brackish lakes of all sizes within the borders and indeed creating the border with Nicaragua, if you prefer to grope lakes. There are also conduits, mangroves, and arms, in fresh to coastal islets.

It isn’t just the cornucopia of fish that should make and trawler chooses Costa Rica, it’s also the country’s eye towards game fish conservation. Circle hooks have long been needed and the Costa Rican government, working with the Billfish Foundation has lately legislated new rules for both sports fishers and marketable fishers aimed at reducing the number of billfish killed as a result of long filling and poor fishing practices.

Whether you want to grope in the Pacific, the Caribbean, both, or nearly in between, you’ll have no trouble chancing the perfect Sportfishing lodge or day duty.

The Caribbean seacoast is the place for unequaled world class tarpon fishing. This side of the country can be more remote than the Pacific. Then, you can find all inclusive lodges that include lodging, reflections and Sportfishing for tarpon, snook, snapper, and guapote.

Up and down the Pacific seacoast you’ll find everything from Sportfishing town lets, to sand resort municipalities, to world class marinas, to middle of nowhere lodges. When choosing to fish in the Pacific you need to do a little exploration. Although marlin, sailfish, snapper, tuna, Dorado, amberjack, wahoo, roosterfish and snook are all common catches, the season for each fish varies depending on your position in Costa Rica.

It isn’t just the Sportfishing seasons that vary the atmosphere in different locales can be fully different as well. In the north the strands are popular, the condos are altitudinous, and the wind makes the Sportfishing season a bit shorter than farther south. In Herradura, the Marina is world class, you can golf, the fishing is inconceivable three hundred days a time, but you might miss some of the Costa Rican experience. In Quepos, the line is large and educated, the fishing is great nearly time round, and you can visit Costa Rica’s most popular National Park, Manuel Antonio. Farther south on the Osa Peninsula you’ll find Golf to and Puerto Jimenez. The fishing is great time round depending on the species you’re after, the locales are remote and you get to witness the natural beauty of Costa Rica.



Before you come to Costa Rica you need to decide what type of trawler and what type of rubberneck you are. Are you coming for relaxation or do you want a place with night life? Do you like to feel like you have no way left home or do you want to witness Costa Rican life and culture? Do you want luxury or frugality? Are you just coming to fish or do you want to share in other adventure conditioning? Are you traveling with your family, with your woman, or with a group of guys? Your answer to these questions will prompt where you want to grope. What you want to catch and where you want to grope may prompt when you want to grope.

Rest assured that you’ll have great time Sportfishing in Costa Rica. The fishing is world class due not only to the great number and variety of big fish, but also due to the number of days you can grope per time, the quality of the country’s conservation programs, the quality of the boats to be chartered and the experience and professionalism of the captains and crews.

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