China Will Develop a Spacecraft with the Length of 1KM Long

With the gradual advancement of the China Spacecraft of China “Tiangong” space station, more than two months ago, three astronauts from China entered the core module of the “Tiangong” space station to carry out long-term. China aerospace industry The speed of development and achievements have received extensive attention from countries all over the world.

As the US-led International Space Station will be officially decommission at any time before 2024-2028, “Tiangong” space station will be officially completed in 2022, which will form a core module with “Tianhe” as the core plus “Wentian”. The “T” -a shaped structure formed by the two experimental modules “Mengtian” and the “Tianzhou” cargo spacecraft is very likely to form a space exploration with only one space station in the sky in the next ten years. The development trend and dynamics of China aerospace industry will naturally become the focus and research target of other countries.

Does China want to build a giant spaceship?

The reason why the news that “China wants to build a giant spacecraft” has aroused heated discussions around the world, not from the public information of China aerospace management department, but from the direction of research topics collected by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Method, thereby limiting the total amount of construction materials that enter the space orbit. On this basis, these light and new materials are assemble in space to finally build a huge “giant spacecraft.”

The development of this kind of spacecraft is described by the National Natural Science Foundation of China as “the main strategic aerospace equipment that uses space resources in the future, explores the mysteries of the universe, and lives on-orbit for a long time.” From this description, we can see that from the perspective of scientific research support. If the development is successful it will be important to the development of the aerospace industry.

According to public information, if a research team can finally obtain funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the research time limit for this project will last for five years, with a total budget of 15 million Yuan.

What is the difficulty in building a giant spaceship?

Currently, the largest spacecraft still in orbit is the International Space Station, which was officially in full operation 10 years ago. The widest point of the International Space Station is about 110 meters, with a total weight of more than 400 tons, and a total cost of more than 100 billion US dollars.

The length of the giant spacecraft that my country is preparing to develop will reach 1,000 meters. If the length difference of 10 times is convert into weight, then it is not just a problem of 10 times. It is built according to the existing materials. The number of materials required will directly rise to 1,000 times, and the cost will reach astronomical figures.

Therefore, if you want to build such a large spacecraft while keeping costs under control, you must spend great effort. These are two key issues that must be face.

In addition, there are some issues that need to be fully demonstrate. One is the damping control system because even if the spacecraft moves in the orbit with a slight variable speed. The spacecraft is connect to other spacecraft, the spacecraft itself will absorb a huge amount of energy.  Vibration or bending will inevitably occur. The larger the volume and mass of the spacecraft, the longer it will take for these vibrations or bending effects. If there is no good damping system to counteract these vibrations, the spacecraft will affect a minor level. The structure will undergo huge deformation and even be scrape ahead of time.

China Spacecraft:

The second problem is the height design of the spacecraft’s orbit. At present, whether it is the International Space Station or “Tiangong” space station, its height is about 400 kilometers. Although the atmosphere is very thin at this height, there is still a certain amount of air resistance. A huge amount of fuel is adjust to make it return to its original height, otherwise, the space station will be at risk of falling.

For larger-scale spacecraft, if they want to operate at this altitude, the resistance will be more obvious, and more maintenance. If you want to further reduce air resistance, it is to be place on a higher orbit. In addition, the higher the altitude, the higher the intensity of cosmic radiation received by the spacecraft. If there are astronauts inside the spacecraft, the health of the astronauts will also be potentially threaten.

How does this China Spacecraft project work?

It should be note that, at present, we have not yet known the specific schedule for the construction of such a large spacecraft. After all, this is still an idea, a discussion based on academic research. The investment in scientific research projects and the investment in the actual construction of large spacecraft are still not enough. It’s not the same. Even if major breakthroughs have been made in manufacturing materials and spacecraft.

Therefore, the research purpose of this project is to theoretically explore the feasibility of construction technology. This will lay a solid theoretical foundation for the development of my country’s aerospace industry in the future.

I think whether it is for space observation, space solar energy, or for astronauts to station for a long time. Field experiments, exploration of clues to extraterrestrial life, etc., are definitely a worldwide, advanced, and epoch-making great achievement. Looking at the world, perhaps only we Chinese can have such strong confidence and determination.

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